Monday, October 13, 2008

Does Your Child Need Residential Treatment?

Sometimes children and adolescents demonstrate behaviors and emotions of concern that cannot be managed at home. These youth may be in need of residential treatment. This can be a very emotional idea for parents to consider. I am actually a true believer of residential care since I began my career in a hospital based program in the 1980s (Capistrano By The Sea Hospital in Dana Point, CA). I saw wonderful and positive changes take place in the participating youth. This program is no longer in existence due to the budget cuts of managed care. In place of hospital programs, therapeutic schools have filled the void. There are now a variety of outstanding programs that are tailored to individual needs. If you are seeking residential care for your child, I recommend that you hire an educational consultant to help you find the appropriate program. Educational consultants are professionals who spend their career investigating/evaluating programs and providing placement services to parents. The first place to look for a possible educational consultant is to contact My mentor and former boss at Capistrano By The Sea (Larry Stednitz, PhD) is now an educational consultant with this organization. Dr. Stednitz, Lon Woodbury, MA (director), and colleagues do a remarkable job in placing the young person in the right program. These professionals are all certified by the Independent Educational Consultants Association.