Monday, December 1, 2008

Does Your Child Have Sensory Processing Disorder?

Does your child get overly active in big groups? Does your child have difficulty tolerating clothing of certain textures? Is your child lethargic and in need of lots of prompting to do anything? These are just a few symptoms of a possible Sensory Processing Disorder. A very informative article by Michelle Kemper Brownlow, Desperately-Seeking Stimulation, provides much valuable information to help parents explore this avenue of inquiry. In my practice, many children are said to have this disorder. The diagnostic process of Sensory Processing Disorder is not well defined and the corresponding research is limited. However, the general theory described by Carol Stock Kranowitz in The Out-of-Sync Child is quite intriguing. And, many children in my community have been greatly helped by an occupational therapist. If your child has symptoms described by Ms. Brownlow, then more specific evaluation may be indicated.