Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let the Moments Happen this Holiday Season

Many of us are trying too hard to make the perfect life for our children. This includes working non-stop to make "the ultimate" holiday experience. Reading Jamie Lee's post, How to Have Fun Without Even Trying (http://blogs.parentcenter.babycenter.com/), reminded me that the best memories are not produced through "planned" outings or events. The best memories occur spontaneously when you least expect them. If we try too hard to make a situation or an event perfect, we may be losing out on the golden opportunities that occur at random. These random occurrences could produce the most memorable memories ever.

My advice to everyone reading my postings during this holiday period is to have a general plan to follow. However, be open to deviations from this plan. Do not be too goal directed. For example, suppose you plan to take a walk through the Great Forest of the Mighty Trees in order to experience the awe of these spectacular structures of nature. Now imagine that your kids get out of the car and spot a giant ant hill and want to study it. You were looking forward to the brisk walk. Your kids want to look at the ant hill. What do you do? Do you yell at them to start walking? Or, do you look at the ant hill until they are done? Answer: YOU LOOK AT THE ANT HILL UNTIL THEY ARE DONE! By studying this ant hill, you may learn more than you have ever learned before. Plus, taking time to study an ant hill may be the best experience throughout the holiday festivities. Be open and be aware. Take advantage of these special moments.

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